Bat Care and Bat Surveying

Bat Surveying

We have several bat species locally and are concerned about their long term survival.
La Société Guernesiaise’s Bat Section is involved in surveying roost sites and would welcome your involvement! They carry out maternity roost site counts in June and early July.
At other times of the year they survey caves and underground tunnels to establish where bats are hibernating and swarming.
If you would like to get involved or have seen bats coming out of your roof, please email the Bat Section.

2017 Surveying:

Some of the very first results from 2017 were very exciting!
Our recorders picked up evidence of Greater Horseshoe Bats which haven’t been seen since the 1960’s!
The efforts of the community make discoveries like these possible, and enable us to understand more about our island’s wildlife.

Here is the evidence we recorded for the Greater Horseshoe bat:

Greater Horseshoe Bats

For comparison, here is a Common Pipestrelle bat which was recorded on the same night:

Bat Care

If you find an injured bat please contact the GSPCA on 01481 257261

The Bat Section has two local licenced bat carers and there is more information available from the Bat Conservation Trust who provide guidelines for care.
(if you’re interested in getting involved, click here for a great guide regarding bat care. For further guidelines, click here)

All you need to get involved;

  • A vivarium, or a pop-up cage
  • A quite room away from other pets
  • Gloves
  • Live meal worms
  • A warm fleece/blanket
  • A heat mat
  • A shallow dish for water and food
  • A lot of patience and commitment!

Here’s a video of a bat Jane Gilmour, licenced bat carer, looked after, grooming itself while hanging.
For more videos and images, please check out the Bat Gallery!