Data release policy

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Restrictions on Data Released

Data supplied must be only used for the report/purpose stated in the request.

The copyright for a record remains with the person/organisation that submitted it; anyone who wished to withdraw records submitted to the Guernsey Biological Records Centre can do so, provided they are listed as the recorder. Records submitted by other people cannot be deleted at the request of others, but we can do so if we consider the data invalid or we may add a note to state the record is doubtful.

Release of data is at the discretion of the Guernsey Biological Records Centre. Recorder’s names are not normally released.

Commercial Organisations

A charge is made for the time spent accessing records and processing the data requested. At present charges are £50 per hour for a data report and £60 per hour for interpretation of the data. Interpretation would cover ecological considerations/value and guidance on good habitat indicators and invasive non-native and native species.  Initial advice on the information we hold is provided free of charge.

Data may be provided as tables or as maps of the requested area, however in certain circumstances location data for protected species or other vulnerable species may not be released or may be made ‘fuzzy’.

Private Individuals/Research

Data will be released at the discretion of the Guernsey Biological Records Centre and sensitive data on protected or vulnerable species may not be released or may be made ‘fuzzy’.

Small scale requests regarding species and locations will be provided free of charge.  The Centre will also provide support to research projects and to specialists submitting records when the commitment is not excessively onerous.

National Recording Schemes

All records and data attached to the records may be released to national recording schemes on the basis that this is then only released into the public domain at an accuracy of 10km and that personal details and sensitive data on specific species is not released into the public domain.


Species data may, on request, be provided to the media however details of locations and recorders will not be released.