Request data

Before we can process a data request please view our data policy. We charge a search fee to cover the search time and if you then decide to proceed with the data extraction, the administrative costs of extracting the data and producing a report. Note that both the size of the area to be searched and the number of criteria to be searched for will have a bearing on the time taken to produce a report. Typically simple searches take around an hour to fully process.

To make a request for data please fill in our Data Search Request Form (and include a grid reference or map of the search area), and post or email it to us. Only completed and signed forms will be processed, both hardcopy and electronic scanned signature are accepted.

A small proportion of our data remains confidential or is released at a lower resolution to protect sensitive species from disturbance. We do not always have data at 6-figure grid reference resolution but we will supply to you at the best resolution we can.

In accordance with GDPR the name and details of the recorder will not released with the species data for a location.

To make a request view our Data Holdings and then download and complete our Data Search Request Form.

We will then provide a summary of what data are available for that area and an estimated cost for extracting the data and producing a report.

We hold data from every island in the Bailiwick but do not have blanket coverage. Please note that absence of a species from our records for a particular geographical location does not mean that it is absent from that location – just that we do not hold verified records for it there.

If in any doubt regarding these instructions then please call or email us.