We would welcome volunteers and have a range of activities they could be involved with:

  • help update the species lists in the database;
  • input data from a variety of documentary sources to enable us to maintain and enhance the database of records;
  • work on our library, which could do with a re-organisation.

For students who are studying specialist biological subjects at University or have finished a degree, we would welcome them to:

  • carry out surveys, other than the NARRs survey and the Shore Thing survey (see separate pages):
    • habitat mapping in the intertidal zone;
    • mapping Zostera beds;
    • bumble bees surveys;
    • bat surveys – both roost and ‘transect-type’ surveys;
    • small mammal surveys;
    • grasshopper and bush cricket surveys;
    • assist with phase 2 habitat surveys.

As part of Environment Guernsey, in our role supporting the management of local areas of important nature conservation value, we also would value volunteers who would like to:

  • do fixed point photography to monitor various sites;
  • do mini surveys of species breeding or visiting sites;
  • monitor disturbance;
  • remove invasive non-natives;
  • cary out small scale maintenance of areas around rare plants or where rare insects are known.

Please contact us at the GBRC if you are interested.

Additionally, our partner, La Société Guernesiaise, would welcome volunteers to work with Anthony Stagg on the reserves on work parties or to help with removal of problem weeds on certain sites. Please contact Anthony for further details (tel. no. 722351 or email <staggy@cwgsy.net>) or see the ‘Soc Vols’ Facebook page.