Further update:

19th February 2021

This week the States of Guernsey announced an exit from lockdown strategy to start on Monday 22nd February.

After careful review of the rules and guidelines we have made the decision to remain closed to the public and will continue to operate on a remote basis until Recovery Stage 3.

Announcement: GBRC is closed to public

23rd January 2021

We have been so fortunate to have several months of normalcy but the events of January show how easy it is for the virus to spread. While COVID-19 is present, it is vital we all follow the latest government advice in order to prevent the spread and transmission of the virus and safeguard our community.

Our primary concern is your well-being and so the Records Centre is closed to visitors and volunteers. We can still be contacted via email gsybiorecords(at)gmail.com as the Records Centre remains open on a remote basis although we may be a bit slower in answering emails and identification questions.

As well as being closed for physical visits we are currently suspending all events, and are not accepting any new commercial projects. Wherever possible we intend to continue to deliver normal services.

Many of us habitually wander around the islands so we appreciate it is frustrating to be confined to home, but this is a great opportunity to look at the wildlife on our doorsteps, and unravel the secrets of our gardens. We can discover a little more about our local biodiversity and learn new skills. Enjoying our natural environment and interacting with wildlife is good for us, even if that is limited to watching butterflies in the garden.

Are we still accepting records?

Yes! Please do send in your records and observations from your gardens or during your allotted exercise. You can email them in to us.

We are looking at hosting some online talks so keep an eye on our social media pages for more information. Stay safe and be kind to one another.

Elizabeth Sweet, Manager