Submit Your Wildlife Records

Now after all your hard work observing and recording wildlife the next step is to submit them and get them added to our database. 

There are a few ways to do that. 

  1. Email us. This is great especially if you want to send us photos or send in a spreadsheet
  2. Submit them through our online record form below. 
  3. Use an app. There are lots of different ones for different recording schemes 

Click on the map below to enter your wildlife records.

This is our new GeoForm. Click on the map and it will take you to the form. If you have any problems just drop us an email or call the office on 01481 233571.

If you wish to submit larger volumes of data please email us.

Need some help identifying a species? Here is a list of websites which have historically been useful for identification and other information, although with so many local naturalists available it is probably quicker to ask on Guernsey Wildlife Facebook Page.