First Recipient of La Société Bursary

4th September 2020

We are delighted to announce that the first recipient of La Société’s bursary is Charlotte Burgoine. Congratulations!

Charlotte is about to begin the third year of a Wildlife Ecology and Conservation degree at Sparsholt University, and has a broad range of experience relating to the natural environment. Her interests include conservation of farmland environments, invasive non-native species, and birdwatching.

Charlotte is also passionate about Guernsey’s biodiversity, and is doing her dissertation research on the impacts of Guernsey’s hedge-cutting regime on biodiversity.

“I wanted to do something unique to the island - to combine my own interests with the wildlife found on Guernsey. I have decided to study the impacts of hedge cutting on the biodiversity of hedges, as after some research I discovered that the hedge cutting regime for Guernsey is unique compared to England.” I would like to return home to work in Guernsey, after graduation, and be responsible for safeguarding the island’s wildlife for future generations”
Charlotte Burgoine
Bursary Winner
Guernsey Press article on Charlotte's award © Guernsey Press Ltd

2019 Internship at GBRC

In September 2019 Charlotte interned at the GBRC. While Charlotte was with us she researched local butterfly species to identify migrant and resident species. She collated data of historical records for local lepidoptera from GBRC database, Big Butterfly Count and historical environmental conditions such as weather reports. She analysed this to create graphs showing abundance of the species and how this related to their lifecycle, peak breeding and hatching times. Liaising with local experts and enthusiasts for feedback, advice and suggestions.

She produced a leaflet detailing species and general information regarding threats the species chosen face, both now and with the impacts of climate change. This is available for download from our Resources Page.

“I am so pleased that La Société is able to support local students and researchers through our bursary scheme. We had a really strong pool of applicants this year, but Charlotte is a worthy winner. I wish her all the best for her final year at university, and look forward to seeing the results of her dissertation research.”
Laura Bampton
Chair of La Société’s Scientific Committee

About La Société Bursary

This is the first year of a new 5-year bursary scheme, made possible by a generous donation from a Société member. The £1000 bursary is open to undergraduate and postgraduate university students, as well as people conducting research on Guernsey’s biodiversity.

Please visit La Société’s website to learn more about the Bursary and to check when applications can be made for 2021.