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2021 Lockdown

As of 23rd January 2021 Guernsey has returned to lockdown and the Records Centre is operating on a remote basis. We are currently not accepting any new data search requests.

March 2023 Update:

Due to a current backlog in data requests we regret we are currently not accepting any new data requests

August 2022 Update:

Due to a high volume of data requests at present we now require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to process any requests. Please note that it may take a month to process your request.

Data Searches

The Guernsey Biological Records Centre (GuernseyBRC) is a not-for-profit organisation that collects, collates and manages information on the natural environment for a defined geographic area in line with the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC) best practice guidance.

The GuernseyBRC provides data ecological surveys. Prior to requesting data please read our Data Use Policy and Privacy Policy. Complete the Data Request Form and then email the completed form to us on or post it to our office. 

All data requests must be made in writing and the requestor confirms they will adhere to our data use policy and privacy policy before any information is released. 


Information held by the GuernseyBRC is made freely available for non-profit making purposes which meet the objectives of the GuernseyBRC.

This includes scientific and research purposes subject to the terms and conditions detailed in our Data Use Policy.

Commercial Data Searches

Initial advice on information held by GuernseyBRC is provided free of charge. A charge will be made to cover staff time to meet requests for the extraction and collation of records from the main database by commercial organisations and consultants.

Standard protected species data searches to inform commercial ecological surveys are:

  • 1km buffer for all protected species.
  • 3km buffer for bat species.

Our fees for standard protected species data searches to inform commercial ecological surveys are:

  • £120 per data search for each site.
  • £25 nominal fee where the data search returns no records for the site in question.
  • £60 discretionary charge (50% reduction on the standard £120 fee) per data search may be applied for community groups and other organisations who do not meet the non-profit criteria. Please contact us for further information.

Other fees may apply for further analysis and other surveys which can be quoted for on first contact.

Protected Species for Guernsey

Protected species for Guernsey are defined in the Animal Welfare (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2012, Part VII LICENSING OF ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS ETC. Section 38 as “In this Part, unless the context requires otherwise, “animal” means any living vertebrate except man.”

Please specify in the Data Request if you require non-vertebrate species that may be protected under other legislation, for example wild orchids are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) treaty.


The Guernsey Biological Records Centre is managed by Environment Guernsey Ltd on behalf of La Société Guernesiaise and the Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services Department (ACLMS) of the States of Guernsey. Environment Guernsey Ltd is responsible for issuing invoices and handling payments related to data requests. Personal information we provide to Environment Guernsey Ltd to complete the billing and payment aspect of each commercial data request:

  • The name and organisation of the data requestor
  • The contact information of the person submitting the data request

How to request a data search:

  • Check you have contacted the correct Records Centre.
  • Before we can process a Data Request please view our Data Use Policy and Privacy Policy.
  • For commercial data requests we charge a search fee to cover the search time and if you then decide to proceed with the data extraction, the administrative costs of extracting the data and producing a report. Note that both the size of the area to be searched and the number of criteria to be searched for will have a bearing on the time taken to produce a report.
  • To make a request for data please fill in our Data Request Form (and include a grid reference or map of the search area), and post or email it to us. Only completed and signed forms will be processed, both hardcopy and electronic scanned signature are accepted.
  • A small proportion of our data remains confidential or is released at a lower resolution to protect sensitive species from disturbance. We do not always have data at 6-figure grid reference resolution but we will supply to you at the best resolution we can.
  • In accordance with GDPR the name and details of the recorder will not be released with the species data for a location.
  • Prior to making a request have a look at our Data Holdings for information on the types of data we hold and then download and complete our Data Request Form.
  • We will then provide a summary of what data are available for that area and an estimated cost for extracting the data and producing a report (if required).
  • Please note that absence of a species from our records for a particular geographical location does not mean that it is absent from that location – just that we do not hold verified records for it there.
  • If in any doubt regarding these instructions then please contact us.